Welcome to TrueKatana, a California-based local business specializing in the highest quality katana, ninja swords, wakizashi, tanto swords, and other bladed weapons. Whether you’re a collector looking to add to your collection, a martial artist looking for a reliable training weapon, or just someone who loves the artistry of swords, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a unique handle design or a specific type of blade, we can help you create the sword of your dreams.Thank you for choosing TrueKatana.com as your go-to source for swords and blades. We’re excited to help you find the perfect sword for your needs and look forward to serving you for years to come. Introducing the Wooden Katana, a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of our senior sword maker. Meticulously handcrafted with precision and dedication, each Wooden Katana captures the essence of the traditional Japanese sword while offering a safe and practical training alternative.

  • The futuristic katana, a visionary evolution of the traditional Japanese sword, is a concept that captures the imagination and fuels the narratives of both science fiction and fantasy.
  • If price is not an issue for you, consider buying a quality authentic or unique katana.
  • This period is often considered the renaissance of katanas, as it bridged sublime aesthetics with deadly efficiency.
  • Iaito swords are training tools with an unsharpened edge and feature aluminum or aluminum-zinc alloy.
  • The cost of a real katana can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as its quality, craftsmanship, materials used, and its historical or cultural significance.

A katana is a japanese sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. You can pick the steel to go into your blade, including aesthetic elements. The best part is imitation katanas only cost a fraction of an authentic version. Named after one of Japan’s legendary swordsmiths, Tokyo-based Sengo Muramasa is a haven for katana enthusiasts who want exceptional balance and sharpness in their blades. Fans of antique katanas and feudal Japan-era bladed weapons will love Aoi-Art.

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Clay tempered katana are swords made according to a particular process of blade reinforcement. During the forging, there are steps to go through involving several steps and some compounds mixture, used by the entire swords forger, yet each has its own formula. The compound mixture is none but Clay recipe that each forger has a secret ingredients list. Clay tempering is supposed to be an art more than a sword works.

It was during this era that the essential philosophies regarding balance, sharpness, and sword design started taking form. Understanding Jōkotō provides invaluable insight into the katana’s evolution, allowing for a fuller appreciation of its craftsmanship and cultural relevance. Far from being just a mere weapon, the katana stands as a testament to values of honor and discipline that are deeply ingrained in the fabric of Japanese tradition.

T5364 Contemporary Katana Sword SADAAKI (Made in

There are different types of steel to forge a katana blade. The most famous for its density, hardness and strength is tamahagan dual momentum investing steel. However, it is possible to make katanas out of many materials, depending on the use you will have for them.

T4309 Katana Sword w/ Ornate Mountings – Antique early 1900’s

With our Wooden Katana, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re stepping into a rich historical tapestry, embodying the grace and discipline of the Samurai. Experience the culture, tradition, and artistry with every swing of the Wooden Katana. 1095 carbon steel katana inherits the hardness and the toughness of the Carbon Steel material. The Swords are intended to regular use and very frequent Dojo cuts. For outdoor displays and shows, 1095 Carbon Steel katanas are more suitable than the 1060 and 1045 Carbon steel Katanas; the last one is already preferred when it is about decorative use. The hardness of the Steel makes the forging process into sword a tough operation and increases the price value of the resulting piece, if handmade.


Inquire about the sword’s history, its previous owners, and how it’s been preserved. A well-maintained sword, free from rust, chips, or cracks, is naturally more valuable. Moreover, if the sword has been polished and preserved using traditional techniques, it’s likely to fetch a higher price. Before we start the first section of the Katana Readiness Guide lets do a responsibility readiness assessment by acknowledging the following bullet points and making a conscious effort to abide by them. Only if you can agree to each of these then you are ready to start your path to getting one of the most significant pieces of Japanese weaponry in history, the katana. In addition to swords, we also provide numerous sword accessories including stands, maintenance kits, and carrying cases.

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This period is often considered the renaissance of katanas, as it bridged sublime aesthetics with deadly efficiency. The advancements of the Shintō era continue to influence modern katana crafting, creating a lasting legacy that makes this period a focal point for collectors and enthusiasts alike. In the timeline of Japanese sword history, Jōkotō occupies the initial period, ending around 900 AD. These swords are considered the foundation upon which the later, more refined katanas were built.

Antique Japanese Sword Katana Attributed to Aoe Tsuguyoshi NTHK Yushu Saku Certificate

Authentic handcrafted katanas undergo three unique processes, differentiating them from replica swords – folding, laminating, and clay tempering. These techniques give authentic katanas their unparalleled characteristics. The most iconic and well known of all the Samurai swords; the katana is distinguished by its long blade and handle that is made to accommodate two hands and strike from a large distance.

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