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Trade with other brokers, not with them. Rude and unprofessional. I felt like they are just after deposits and are not really meant to help on the whole trading process. Not a good broker for online trading.

In the case of privacy, no personal information is shared with an outside party without the traders’ consent. The information is only stored for administrative purposes and is not used in any advertisement or other activities. CoinePro has specially listed metal trading on its platform because it offers a great deal of advantage to traders.

  • It has sparked new interest in this market and huge crowds of people are now contemplating the idea of trading in order to earn substantial sums of money quickly.
  • It has achieved this milestone in a very short period of time and has developed a loyal user-base.
  • I do not like the services and so I move out.
  • Many of us dream to become not just a trader but a successful one who is known by all and appraised by his family and friend.
  • The Optima trading platform is the best option for traders to use for accessing CoinePro as its interface is straightforward and easy-to-navigate.

Problem with offshore brokers is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from this broker as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice. If you have lost money with Coinepro, don’t panic. You are not the first and you likely won’t be the last. This will tell you whether they areregulated by a central authority or if Coinepro is an offshoreand/orunregulated entity. The rules and regulations, Bonus and Withdrawal policies are not legitimate and they are made for defrauding traders.

Trading Accounts

I always lose trades because they do not attend to trading needs promptly. Poor services, withdrawals are very difficult and slow. Poor services, and withdrawals are very difficult and slow. I have lost money on the trading offers.

I always encounter errors and technical problems. Unhelpful trading brokers. Do not believe their promises. Stay away from this broker company. They are greedy and will ask for more money from you but can not even deliver good results. Unattentive customer service.

  • This is for their safety.
  • Other trading tools and features of the CoinePro trading platform include Risk Management, Rating of Central Banks, Currency Converter, and Forex Converter.
  • They keep on denying withdrawal request.
  • I was convinced to trade with them and lost all my money in a snap.

Moreover, CoinePro offers the best professional support to traders to provide them additional help in trading. The top experts of CoinePro send trading signals on a daily basis to help you understand the trends in the financial markets. The one main vision of CoinePro is to give financial traders a favorable trading experience and it stands on it to make it happen. CoinePro offers traders a great choice to choose from three different account types available on the platform. The presence of three unique account types enables traders to choose what suits them the best keeping in view their necessities.

Thus, the trading platform offered by a broker deserves more than a quick look. The first and most prominent asset that you can trade at CoinePro is none other than the forex market. With a daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion, it is a favorite of traders all around the world. At CoinePro, you can trade in the forex market 24/7 and the broker gives you the chance to invest in major and minor currency pairs. If you don’t mind a little volatility and want to take some risks, the broker has also added exotic or rare currency pairs for trading.

It is well-recognized that trading, whether local or international, plays a vital and important role in strengthening an economy. It also helps eliminate poverty, nation building and development of society. It equips the consumers with great purchasing power as well as allows them to purchase multiple types of goods at cheaper rates. By putting their resident scarce resources for trading, countries can raise surplus and on the other hand acquire resources which are required to them. It is therefore a present day norm that trading is the heart and lungs of an economy which is a great source of development and prosperity of the modern world.

What does CoinePro Offer

Some people prefer to trade soft commodities, such as corn, sugar, coffee and wheat as they can provide consistent returns. There are also hard commodities available, which include energies like oil, Brent crude oil and gas. Trading is not a new concept; it has been around for a very long time, only the medium has changed. It is now possible to trade online, something that wasn’t possible more than a decade ago.


coinberry review has one basic vision in mind that is to give traders the best crypto trading experience and is highly determined to make it happen. CoinePro understands very well the importance of a trading platform. It knows that if users are not provided with easy-to-use or technologically advanced trading platforms then they won’t be able to gain good trading experience. Rather those platforms which are very difficult to handle can lead users to frustration and complexity.

Coinepro Reviews November 2022 Coinepro Legit Or Another Scam?

But right after the deposit stage, they began to become worst. Seems to me that they are only after deposits. Not a legit trading broker. Company information is not even true. Trading tools are so confusing. I had a hard time understanding the charts.

Poor customer support. They are not able to help in any of my concerns. Unreliable trading advice.

Possible scam activities of scam broker Coinepro

However, combining all of the above, it becomes obvious that this website is beyond dubious. If anyone is still at this point wondering, you should absolutely not give any money to this broker, or you will surely not see any of it again. As with most fraudulent websites, we are not the only website calling them out. You can take a look at any number of other reputable review websites and will see that all of them come to the same conclusion as we have. The next issue arises when trying to register for one of CoinePro’s three types of accounts.


It has been able to establish an impeccable reputation amongst its competitors and this is why the https://forex-reviews.org/s of Coinepro continue to grow. They play crucial part in allowing a customer to build up a successful career and help in stream up your goals and objectives. At Coinepro you have an option of choosing from different accounts namely Micro, Standard and Premium which are designed in a way to suffice your needs. If the desktop-based trading platform is not your choice then you will like this. The CoinePro offers a trading platform in the form of Web Trader. It provides traders with a more flexible alternative that can be accessed anywhere in the world through the web browser.

This company is a massive scam

I do not recommend this broker company. They are not good trading partners. They are not good trading brokers. They have a few signals that are not accurate. As if they don’t want to pay a profit. They give me hard time on my withdrawal request.

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