On top of that, Teams is able to connect with Microsoft Office 365 and many other critical tools. Integrate Student Information System Microsoft Teams Lessons using School Data sync. Microsoft’s School Data Sync is a free-of-charge service in Office 365 Education for automatic team creation.

Microsoft Teams Lessons

Just type your questions, add choices, and publish the poll. If your students are equipped with their own tablets or laptops, they can answer the polls during class and you can see the results in real time. Opportunities abound to create interactive and collaborative content, but it’s confusing at first.

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Your instructors, Matt Miller and Holly Clark of will take you through Teams by looking at it from an educational point of view and offering examples of how to create a powerful learning hub. When students know their work is for more than an audience of one — the teachers — it can create more motivation. Think of an authentic audience tha twould appreciate their work and share it. Create a post in the channel for your unit about different places their new learning can be applied. Encourage students to reply to the post with their thoughts on how it transfers.

  • This is a very amazing post and we appreciate this post.
  • Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool, which provides remote workers the ability to work together and share information in a common space.
  • If a post is like talking in front of the room, and if private comments are like a 1-to-1 conversation, comments in individual programs are like marking up student work.
  • Teams for Education is a digital hub that brings all your favorite collaboration tools into one place.
  • Make it part of the requirements of the assignment — points for turning in the first time, points for revisions.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Microsoft Teams already, here’s just a quick run-through of what you can do. You also have the ability to share your desktop, https://remotemode.net/ or share the whiteboard functionality, showing it much in the same way that you’d use it in person. You can also project a PowerPoint right from here.

Microsoft Teams Lesson 29 Chat for Private Messages

But if I failed to write solid instructions, absent students suffered. Students who didn’t finish work in class suffered. Students who didn’t pay great attention to my verbal directions — or those who were unclear — suffered.

Microsoft Teams Lessons

I simply copy and paste our class agenda to one Team and then send it out to all classes that need the same agenda. When students finish a lesson, they may still be curious about what they’ve learned. They may want to do more or learn more — especially during remote learning, when they have extra time on their hands. Within individual Microsoft programs, like Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, students and teachers can leave comments.

MS Teams Laptop/PC Support Videos

They help students apply what they’ve learned in meaningful ways to demonstrate what they know. There are lots of ways to break out of that stereotype! In the infographic above — and the post below — you’ll find many options for using video meetings with your students.

You can hide the channel when you have moved onto new content or idea. Start a new channel for one of the reasons below — or anything else! — to keep your team organized and flowing smoothly. Channels are one of the best features of Teams and can be used so many different ways.

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