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‍At the end of the day, although your business name does matter, a perfect option that ticks all the boxes might not be out there. It’s better to choose a name that you feel good about and can get behind than one you were forced to choose by a set of rules (like these ones!). ‍The .com Top-level Domain is a saturated market and there are loads of others to choose from.

Commercially minded and pragmatic, Luke prides himself on building long lasting, trusted client relationships. If you’ve had enough of juggling spreadsheets and never finding the right invoice, your business needs Crunch’s free accounting software, whether you are a freelancer, sole trader or limited company. We are the UK’s most cost-effective online accounting service, with an award-winning Customer Service team and Chartered Certified accountants. The rules are different for sole traders and business partnerships. There are different rules regarding company names depending on the type of company. For example, you must choose a name for your business if you’re setting up a private limited company.

How long does it take to register a new company?

Choosing your company name is often one of the more exciting parts of starting out. By following the guidance below, you’ll be able to come up with a shortlist and the ultimate name for your company, avoiding common pitfalls. Our team provide expert, jargon-free Accounting & Tax advice to small and medium sized businesses. Single entry bookkeeping assumes every transaction involves cash, and transactions are usually taken from bank statements. Once a business has outgrown this simplicity, double entry bookkeeping will be required. For example, if you buy inventory on terms so you have 30 days to pay, then at the point of purchase, there is no cash involved.

From HR and payroll to managing parents evening and taking payments from parents we have everything you’ll need. Schools and trusts manage some of the most challenging financial problems and that’s why it’s important that our software is something they can rely on. From financial analysis to budgeting software and cloud-based solutions we can help you lead the way. Find everything from tax and accounts preparation software to software for submissions to Companies House and managing your practice. We can provide you with a fixed fee quote for our services so you can avoid any nasty surprises.

Which name should I use where in my business?

A general ledger, sometimes referred to as just a ledger, is simply the book or amassed collection of accounts where all of the business’ accounting transactions are recorded. Just like in any sector, bookkeeping comes with its own new lexicon to learn. For example one common term business owners will encounter is “the general ledger”. It should not have a ‘sensitive’ word or expression that insinuates you are affiliated with the government or local authorities. You can only use names that suggest you are connected to the government or local authorities if you have permission. If you’re the nominated partner then you’re responsible for sending the partnership’s tax return and you must register the partnership for Self Assessment with HMRC.

Are bookkeeping business profitable?

Starting your own bookkeeping business can be pretty profitable. There aren't significant barriers to entry if you already have experience. Aside from technical skills, you just need a computer, internet connection, and place to work.

Find out the various ways to register and get up to speed with what responsibilities you have towards your limited company. A useful calendar is included, displaying all the important dates you’ll have to remember, such as when to file your annual returns and when to send your end of year accounts to HMRC. How to prepare for the economic volatility ahead Here are construction bookkeeping the critical planning priorities to survive and thrive in 2023. Accountants predict the main challenges they’ll face and the tools they’ll need to survive in 2023 Prepare to deliver value and advisory services. 5 strategies to survive the rising cost of doing business The strategic moves accountants are making to support their businesses and clients into 2023.

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