For example, in some versions, players can swap cards between their hands after the initial deal, adding another layer of strategy to the game. In Chinese Poker, the hand rankings are similar to traditional poker, with some variations. For example, there is no concept of straights or flushes in the front hand, and a flush beats a full house in the middle hand. Explore the unique rules and mechanics, navigate complex hand rankings, and experience the thrill of making calculated decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Chinese Poker offers endless entertainment and intense competition.

  • You can find plenty of places to play Chinese Poker online and hone your skills.
  • After the hands are organized, players place their hands face-down in front of them.
  • Some full 13-card hands allow you to automatically take the win.
  • Once the units have been determined, the Dealer will deal out 13 cards to each player.
  • The remaining 26 cards can then be dealt in two, 13-card “ghost hands”, or left in a single pile as a collection of discards, depending on the Dealer’s preference.
  • Therefore, the straight bonuses cancel each other out, and "moscow25" loses just one point on the bottom row.

Although the game can be played with two or three players as well, four hands of 13 cards are always dealt — all cards must be used. Once all the cards are arranged, players place their hands face down systematically on the table. First comes the bottom, then the middle, and then the top is lined up furthest away from the player. If you manage to set trips in the middle hand you can expect to win at least two-thirds of the time on average.

Scoring in Chinese Poker

Traditional Chinese poker sees all players receive all 13 cards at once, face down, and turn them face up when they’ve assembled their three hand. You win the back and middle hands, but lose the front hand to your opponent. And whether playing for fun or real money in Fun88, managing your bankroll effectively is important. Set limits on your losses and wins, and avoid chasing losses or playing at stakes beyond your comfort zone. Discipline and bankroll management are critical to long-term success. Foul hands occur when the arrangement of your cards does not adhere to the hierarchy of hands.

Dive into this popular variant of poker and embrace the excitement today. Once all the players are ready, players reveal their hands. You win a single unit per the corresponding hand that you beat and lose one unit for a hand that beats yours. If the hands are of equal value, neither player loses or wins. In a nutshell, royalties are bonuses awarded to players with strong hands.

How to play Chinese Poker

Two people can indeed play Chinese Poker, with each of them being dealt the same 13 cards as normal. The remaining 26 cards can then be dealt in two, 13-card “ghost hands”, or left in a single pile as a collection of discards, depending on the Dealer’s preference. The name refers to the fact that this natural can at most have 12 face cards, the total number in a deck. Naturals are combos that pay out regardless of other players’ hands, even if other players have a higher-ranking natural or a higher set of hands. Finally, Chinese Poker is an enthralling game for poker fans and thrill-seekers! Being able to receive royalties, earn bonuses, beat your friends, and play with multiple stakes in the same game.

The narrative of Alex Brandon is one of extraordinary skill, unparalleled knowledge, and unwavering commitment. After receiving his degree from the illustrious University of Kerala, Brandon’s entry into the realm of online gaming was a jump and a paradigm change for him. In order to understand which hands are worth more or less, please use the reference “Card Hierarchy” below. The Back Hand must have the highest meld value, according to the card hierarchy explained below. The Front Hand must have the lowest meld value, with the Middle Hand between the meld values of the other two hands.


There is also a common-courtesy rule that asks the player in Fantasyland to announce that he or she is “staying” in Fantasyland. The player to the left of the button acts first on every street, the action moves clockwise, and the button moves after every hand. Each player’s top hand is compared to his or her opponents’ top hand, the middle to the middle, and the bottom to the bottom. A player will win or lose points, based on how his or her hand measures up. If a hand is not valid for some reason (eg. the Middle Hand is higher than the Back hand) that player may have to pay each remaining opponent some predefined amount. A common example is the player has to pay the amount he would pay if the other player had scooped.

Chinese Poker Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Only four players at most can play in a game at a time, though playing with 2 or 3 persons is also possible. Chinese Poker is a set-making comparing game, with elements of both Mahjong and the Poker card game. The game’s rules are fairly simple, with the bulk of its strategy involved in “setting” the three different hands of one round of Chinese Poker. In terms of scoring and unit winning/losing, each player gets one unit from each player whose hand they beat, and this process repeats for the front, middle, and rear hands, respectively. Players can either “surrender” or “play” their hands after arranging their cards into separate hand groupings.

Putting it all together: Evaluating Chinese Poker hands

That way, it will be hard for the opponent to get those three extra points. Naturals are a special type of royalties, based upon all the 13 cards falling into a “special hand” category. It should be noted Starzino that naturals are awarded before anyone can surrender and that the player who is dealt a natural will not play their hand. In 2–4 rule, a scoop is worth four points, while the opponent loses four points.

How to Play Chinese Poker?

If there are not at least 4 players, the Dealer will still deal 13 cards to each player, but leave the remaining cards to the side. Even if you have the second-best hand in a round, you can still win money and control your fate (to some extent) by how you arrange your cards. Because he lost his backhand to all three other players, Player 4 gives one unit to each of Players 1, 2, and 3. Unlike other poker games that use blind or ante stakes systems, Chinese Poker uses units, which are predefined monetary amounts that participants agree to use before the game begins. In Chinese poker, you’ll often get four pairs in your hand. You should always put your best pair in the middle, the 2nd best in the top, and the two “worst” pairs in the bottom. This gives you the best possible chance of scooping all three rows.

For example, if all players agree that a single unit is $5, and a player wins with a hand worth 3 units of payout, then that player will receive $15. In this form, there are only 5 total turns between players due to the way the sketching works with the gameplay (speeding up gameplay). Because of the cards that will make up the discard pile, there can only be a total of three participants. The rules and conditions for Fantasy Land remain the same as they are for Open-Faced Chinese Poker. Players in Pineapple’s Fantasy Land, on the other hand, are dealt 14 cards and must discard one face-down in order to create and arrange their ultimate hand.

However, the improvements for the other hands must be very strong to justify breaking up a boat. Even the lowest full house wins about 60% in the back hand and is a pretty safe bank. Playing with the 6-1-rule surrendering costs 3 points and is, therefore, three times as expensive as a simple loss, but only half as expensive as a scoop. Simple math shows surrendering is worthwhile if you think you will be scooped in at least 40% of the cases.

With twos full of fives available for the middle, you now have full houses in place for both the back and middle hands. Poker strategies and courses, brought to you by the world’s best poker players, that will take your own poker skills to the next level. For example, player 1 has a front hand that beats Player 2, 3, and 4’s front hand. Fronts are compared to Fronts, Middles to Middles, and Backs to Backs. Once each player has set their hand appropriately, they will declare if they are going to Play or Surrender. Finally, use a pen and paper to keep tabs of the units you have won or lost and to whom, that is, if you don’t play online. Mathematics is the foundation of every strategy involved in every version of poker.

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