And everyone’s kind of handed the tools, and it’s like, build your own workweek routine. And the reality is, you’re talking about tens of millions of workers who have a new kind of stress. Even if it’s not the world’s greatest stress, it’s a new stress, and it’s a real one. There’s survey data out right now that indicates that people are just feeling kind of uneasy about this moment. There’s been polling from Gallup that showed that 44 percent of people are experiencing stress at work, which is just a continuation of a trend where that number is just going up year by year.

Once you have data, you can even up the ante by gamifying productivity—say, rewarding yourself with a favorite treat if you exceed eight hours of work for five days in a row. You’ll need your own set of apps to stay focused and productive. Check out Zapier’s app roundups to find the best software, and make sure your toolkit keeps you productive. If a tool isn’t getting the job done, it’s time to switch to another app. Besides the usual—like exercise, diet, and meditation—there are four habits I’ve developed that help me start my days right. I’ve been working remotely for over a decade, collecting productivity tactics along with my friend Dan Shure.

How to manage remote employees

I think what a lot of researchers I’ve spoken to have said is that when they look at studies on the effects of remote work on productivity, they’re kind of all over the map. And I can hear someone in the back of my head saying, now, Emma, let me show you the world’s smallest violin. It’s so hard out there for people who can’t decide which day of the week to go in and how to meet their two – or three-day-a-week kind of requirements. But what I’m hearing you say is, in a world where we once had predictability, there’s now just uncertainty, and uncertainty creates stress. Some CEOs have said this explicitly — that they feel that if young people at the company want a future and want to rise in the ranks, that they have to develop in-person relationships with people.

Lonely employees, in contrast, are less productive and more likely to leave their jobs. Weekly virtual coffees have become
increasingly popular with remote teams because they are the easiest way to
replace the water cooler chat. When you’re working remotely, communication is essential, and it’s always a good idea to implement frequent check-ins with the entire team, preferably on a daily basis. Sharing any updates and changes in the business should be instant, and holding regular meetings for everyone to remain connected is a great way to keep people in the loop. It is that simple sharing of experiences, sharing of knowledge that happens organically and through osmosis, when we interact with people in the workplace,” she says.

Remote Work Best Practices, Strategies, and Tips for Your Business

You get certain features (including 15 minutes per day of coworking video chat) for free, with a premium account costing $9 a month. As always, good old-fashioned methods of connecting are important, too, Howe adds. Acknowledge others’ work and life events — both positive ones and those that are a struggle.

  • Employees who feel included and fairly treated are more likely to stick around and will have an easier time connecting with their coworkers.
  • Besides the usual—like exercise, diet, and meditation—there are four habits I’ve developed that help me start my days right.
  • Maybe the most important takeaway for how to make friends working from home is that it has to coincide with your own interests and work life.
  • We need to unite around our eventual nominee, which is going to be Donald Trump.
  • If you have the best recipe for lasagna or blueberry pie, share it, maybe with a photo from the last time you made it.

If everyone shares pet photos in a Slack channel, consider posting one of your super cute pup. If someone asks for travel advice from a place you know well, share your tips. If you have the best recipe for lasagna or blueberry pie, share it, maybe with a photo from the last time you made it. If you’re struggling to come up with the right words, ask your new colleague to tell you more about their role or their team. You can also ask what advice they may have for a new hire.

How Remote Workers Make Work Friends

I can say the same for the Ladies Get Paid (LGP) women’s network, which has afforded me opportunities like hosting a webinar about remote work starter tips for women. Not all work relationships are with coworkers, especially if you are a small business owner or freelancer. If anyone how to make friends when you work from home at the organization is new to remote work, be the first to offer to answer questions — for example, provide this work from home guide for first-timers. Lunch-and-learns are a great way for an employee with a certain specialty to share a skill with the rest of an organization.

Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

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